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For each of us, our Total Health can be separated into the categories of Physical Health and Mental Health. Each of us have levels of health for our Physical state and Mental state at any given moment. We often will go through periods in our life where we become more healthy or less healthy due to what is happening in our lives and the choices we make. There are many opportunities to learn information about eating healthy, the benefits of exercise and avoiding physical injury that helps us keep our Physical state in the healthy zone. There tends to be less information given about how to keep our Mental state in the healthy zone, how to focus on healing, recovery and resilience. 

This program will examine the perspectives of different people who have found ways to focus on healing that ultimately build resiliency. It is an introduction to a broad topic, to start our minds on a journey of understanding what it means to be healthy. 

Along the way you will be given numerous challenges to work into your daily routines that will further strengthen your health and ability to withstand the pressures of the everyday world.

This learning program has been led by Allan Kehler.

About Allan:

Having persevered through his own mental health issues and substance use, Allan Kehler has learned valuable life lessons that have guided him on an incredible path of success. He provides both personal and professional insight into the world of addictions. His passion in this field has led to employment as an addictions counselor and a college instructor of addictions courses.

Allan is one of Canada’s most sought-after experts when it comes to the topic of mental health and wellness. He has stood on more than 500 stages and is the bestselling author of four books. Allan lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with his wife, four boys, four dogs, and a tank of fish.

You can find more information about Allan on his website


A very special thank you to Allan, Jaxon and Kaleigh for sharing their voices to help others.

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