Motorcycle: Basic Rider Training Online Theory

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Operating a motorcycle, scooter or three-wheeled motorcycle requires a unique set of skills separate from other vehicles; Not only is the physical operation and handling unique, there are also important differences in the way you need to pay attention to surrounding traffic.

We highly recommend that anyone wanting to obtain their motorcycle license carefully read about SGI's Motorcycle Graduated License Program. The written motorcycle learner exams can be taken before or after the basic motorcycle safety training.

Our Basic Rider Training program combines both online learning and on-bike training to assists new riders in developing the techniques and skills necessary for the safe operation of a motorcycle, scooter or three-wheeled motorcycle in a traffic environment. Each session is led by a team of highly skilled and passionate SGI-certified instructors who address topics such as how to deal with the hazards and risks motorcyclists face in traffic.

The 20-hour blended learning course will help you develop control skills and riding techniques adequate for the demands of urban traffic. It will allow you to become aware of your own limitations in skill, knowledge and physical abilities relative to the demands of motorcycling. The Basic Rider Training course will help you to develop an understanding of the hazards and problems which motorcyclists and scooter riders face and how to deal with them. Participants have access to a variety of motorcycles provided by the Saskatchewan Safety Council. The course is designed for the new rider – no prior experience is necessary.

Each lesson builds on the skills taught in the previous lesson. Students will be given a MOST (Motorcycle Operators Skill Test) and upon successful completion will receive a certificate.

Course Details

Using this Learning Management System00:05:49
Using this Learning Management System 00:05:49
Introduction to Saskatchewan Safety Council 00:02:37
Introduction to Your Instructor 00:02:11
Module 100:29:53
Is Motorcycling Dangerous? 00:04:26
Are you Fit to Ride? 00:03:19
Administrative Knowledge Check
Riding Gear - Helmets 00:09:31
Helmet Knowledge Check
Riding Gear- Ear, Eye and Face 00:04:12
Riding Gear - Clothing 00:02:42
Riding Gear - Footwear 00:02:09
Riding Gear - Gloves, Rain gear 00:03:34
Module 1 Knowledge Check
Module 200:13:58
Our Bikes 00:02:08
Which Motorcycle is right for you? 00:05:00
Module 2 Knowledge Check I
Controls - Gears 00:01:52
Controls - Clutch 00:04:58
Module 2 Knowledge Check II
Module 300:04:58
Slow Speed 00:02:40
Slow Speed - Continued 00:02:18
Module 3 Knowledge Check
Module 400:13:50
Higher Speed Cornering 00:02:40
Higher Speed Cornering - Continued 00:03:11
Higher Speed Cornering - Line of Sight 00:04:58
Reading the Curve 00:03:01
Module 4 Knowledge Check
Module 500:03:11
Intersections 00:03:11
Module 5 Knowledge Check
Module 600:06:09
Lane Positions 00:04:05
Lane Positions - Continued 00:02:04
Module 6 Knowledge Check
Module 700:07:20
Turning 00:02:03
Turning - Continued 00:01:57
Turning - Continued II 00:03:20
Module 7 Knowledge Check
Module 800:15:07
SIPDE - Look Twice 00:02:46
Following Distance 00:01:45
SIPDE Dominant Riding Position 00:04:01
Mental Motorcycling 00:03:26
Mental Motorcycling - Continued 00:01:41
Mental Motor cycling - Spot the Hazard 00:01:28
Module 8 Knowledge Check
Module 900:07:26
Communicate - Prescence and Intentions 00:02:56
Hazards 00:02:40
Hazards - Escape Routes 00:01:50
Module 9 Knowledge Check
Module 1000:08:46
SIPDE - Blind Spots 00:02:49
SIPDE - Passing 00:03:41
SIPDE - Curves 00:02:16
Module 10 Knowledge Check
Module 1100:12:34
Traction & Control - Tires 00:01:38
Traction & Control - Gravel 00:03:44
Stopping Distances and Braking 00:03:35
Braking - Continued 00:00:46
Braking - in a Curve 00:02:51
Module 11 Knowledge Check
Module 1200:05:56
Motorcycle Graduated Driver Licensing 00:05:56
Module 12 Knowledge Check
Module 1300:10:14
Passengers 00:03:21
Group Riding 00:04:32
Group Riding - Passing 00:02:21
Module 13 Knowledge Check
Module 1400:15:07
Riding Tips - Parking 00:02:30
Riding Tips - Obstacles 00:05:37
Riding Tips - Bad Weather 00:05:16
Riding Tips - Wildlife 00:01:44
Module 14 Knowledge Check
Module 1500:03:06
Impairment 00:03:06
Module 15 Knowledge Check
Consent to Participate
Conclusion 00:06:42
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